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Are bamboo sheets superior? There is a lot of nonsense talked about the superiority of bamboo bedlinen to cotton in terms of thermal comfort and the ability to wick of moisture, indeed one so-called ‘sleep expert’ claims to have helped “hundreds of people sleep better by recommending bamboo sheets’. The problem is that as this study shows there is no evidence of superiority of bamboo vs cotton on measures related to comfort, “Contrary to the expectations created around the new regenerated bamboo fibres, no empirical evidence was found in this study, when properties pertaining to comfort were compared, to confirm that regenerated bamboo fibres are superior to cotton and viscose rayon fibres. It should be noted though that none of the claims made were proven false – regenerated bamboo fibres can be made into fabrics that are very comfortable and have excellent moisture and temperature management properties. The results of physical tests on other cellulosic fibre fabrics, indicated, however, that the knitted cotton and the viscose rayon fabrics are comparable with regards to properties pertaining to comfort.” Gericke, A. and Van Der Pol, J., 2010. A comparative study of regenerated bamboo, cotton and viscose rayon fabrics. Part 1: Selected comfort properties. Journal of Consumer Sciences, 38(1). here  .