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Ekirch writes that “Not that segmented sleep suddenly passed beyond all modern memory. As late as the first half of the twentieth century, references to "first sleep" still appeared in random works of literature. Whether, however, contemporary devotees of such novelists as James Joyce, Willa Cather, and Paul Nizan or poets like Charles Montagu Doughty and Robert Laurence Binyon ever grasped the expression's significance is doubtful, for, by then, segmented sleep had already become a curious echo from times past.” Ekirch’s argument appears to be that because there are numerous instances of the use of ‘first sleep’ in pre-industrial Britain this proves that ‘segmented sleep’ was therefore an actual phenomena. However, if we apply the same logic to these numerous quotes from the 20th century,  given that the context in which they are used are identical to the earlier references quoted by Ekirch, this means that segmented sleep is also prevent in 20th Century or using my theory that occurrences of ‘first sleep’ whenever the appear are not indicative of the existence of segmented sleep. Buckingham Advertiser and Free Press - Saturday 26 April 1930 To be exact it was a few minutes before midnight when a great nocturnal disturbance occurred in the Borough of Buckingham. Folk had long since retired to rest and were enjoying, as the old saying goes, their first sleep. A dictionary of practical materia medica: in three volumes ..., Volume 3 By John Henry Clarke 1947 here On falling to sleep or in first sleep Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death, Frederic William Henry Myers 1903 here It is a case of this sort that we can most readily suppose that a “telepathic impact” received during the day has laid dormant until other excitations were hushed, and has externalised itself as a hallucination after the first sleep, just as we wake from a first sleep some subject or anxiety, which has been thrust out of our thoughts during the day, will often well upwards into consciousness with quite a new distinctiveness and force. The Argentine Republic: Its Development and Progress, Pierre Denis, C. Scribner's Sons 1922 here I remainded for some time lost in a sort of insensibility belonging to a first sleep; at least some vague and broken sensations came over me. Mormon Country, Wallace Stegner 1942 here Then the broke up, going home under the dark shadow of the cotton woods bt two and two, and there was kissing at gates, and mothers waked from their first sleep to rise an an elbow and inquire of the silent house “Is that you, Verda?” Homes of the First Franciscans in Umbria: The Borders of Tuscany and the Northern Marches, Beryl De Zoete, J.M. Dent, 1905 here One night he awoke his companion who was sleeping next door to him from his first sleep. The book of the thousand nights and one night: now first completely done into English prose and verse, from the original Arabic, Volume 4, John Payne, 1914 here The Apostle of God (whom may He bless and preserve) would not let me sleep this night, because of thee, for he appeared to me in my first sleep. Our Paper, Volume 27 Massachusetts Reformatory, 1911  here Sleep is not equally sound throuout the night. It is soundest in the first three hours with the maximum intensity being in the second hour. The first sleep is, or should be, sacred it should not be disturbed in any way The Threshold of Quiet, Daniel Corkery New York : F.A. Stokes, 1918. here  "I'm sure Mr. Galvin's after his firstsleep by this time," she said. I "'aith then, I'll soon wake him out of his second sleep," said Ned, sprinting in the hall and up the stairs, too earnest in his quest to , notice the liberty he was taking. He stumbled a few times before he got to the topmost landing, for that part of the house was unlighted. But he stood at last at Stevie's door. He rapped and listened, fingering his collar, freeing it about his sweaty throat. He rapped again, replacing his handkerchief in his pocket. There was no reply. He rapped louder and quicker. Still there was not a sound. Could anyone sleep through such a racket ?" Stevie, Stevie," he called; and then " My God!" he said, beginning to feel uneasy. Had not the old woman told him quite plainly that Stevie was after his firstsleep?”  Walter of Aquitaine: materials for the study of his legend, Connecticut College, 1950 here He bade the girl to be the watch during the first sleep(-period), he himself planning to assume the morning watch. Walter of Aquitaine: materials for the study of his legend, Connecticut College, 1950 here But when the warrior now waking up cut short the first sleep, getting up without delay. Neurasthenia; John Harvey Kellogg, Battle Creek, Mich., Good health publishing co., 1916 here First Sleep the Most Profound and Refreshing - Czerny and other observers have pointed out the interesting fact that the most profound sleep occurs within the first two hours after retiring. The intensity of sleep was measured by the intensity of the sound required to awaken the sleeper. German wit and humor; a collection from various sources classified under appropriate subject headings by Mrs Minna Sophie Marie Baumann Downes, Publication Philadelphia, G.W. Jacobs & co 1903 here An amiable host had to send late at night for a carriage to take home his four friends, who had taken too much of his wine. He gave the driver the street and house number of each one, and went to bed. He was in his first sleep when his door-bell was rung violently. 'What is the matter? " he called from his window, seeing that the carriage with his guests had returned. "Oh, sir," cries the driver, " please sort them out once more for me; they got all mixed up ! " Recollections of a diplomatist, Sir Horace Rumbold, London, E. Arnold 1902 here  As we children lay in bed at night, it was no unusual thing for us to be roused from our first sleep by the drums beating the generale, or the clatter of mounted troops riding down the Faubourg St. Honore towards the restless suburbs of St. Antoine or St. Marceau, where the smouldering flames of insurrection periodically threatened to burst forth. Collected Essays and Reviews,  William James Longmans, Green and Co. 1920.here  On the following night (Feb. 12-18) I awoke suddenly from my first sleep, which appeared to have been very heavy, in the middle of a dream, in thinking of which I became suddenly confused by the contents of two other dreams that shuffled them- selves abruptly in between the parts of the first dream, and of which I couldn't grasp the origin. The New Republic, Volume 33 Herbert David Croly Republic Publishing Company, 1922 here We were in bed by nine but she did not hear the clock. She lay in her quiet first sleep Three Men On The Bummel,  Jerome K. Jerome, Bristol . W. Arrowsmith Ltd., Quay Street 1914 here About the middle of the night, as you judge, though in reality it may be somewhat later, you are startled out of your first sleep by what sounds like a rush of cavalry along the passage, just outside your door.  Your half- awakened intelligence fluctuates between burglars, the Day of Judgment, and a gas explosion. The Head of the House of Coombe, Frances Hodgson Burnett New York 1922 here  Robin would be awakened from her first sleep by sounds in the room below. Popular Science, March 1912 here The ancient Greek designations for the time of both day and of the night were very vague, “the full market,” “candle-lighting,” “the first sleep,” and so on. Sons and Lovers, D. H. Lawrence, London ‎Gerald Duckworth and Company Ltd. 1913 here  For some time her mind continued snapping and jetting sparks, but she was asleep before her husband awoke from the first sleep of his drunkenness. The Way Home, Henry Handel Richardson 1925 here  And so it happened that she started out of her first sleep, wakened she did not know by what, but conscious, even as she opened her eyes, of sounds coming from her father’s room — the strange, heart- rending sounds of a man crying.  Stingaree, Ernest William Hornung Scribner 1908 here  Cameron wondered if it could possibly be two o'clock, while Tyler sat up insensate with the full weight of his first sleep, when their chief crept into the double-bedded room in which the two police men had been put. Ḥaḍramaut: Some of Its Mysteries Unveiled, Autorzy D. van der Meulen, Hermann von Wissmann 1932 here  More than once shall we be startrled out of our first sleep by stamping, grunting and the braying of camels Studies in Holland Flood Disaster 1953, Instituut voor Sociaal Onderzoek van het Nederlandse Volk  here The people were in their first sleep The Lost Girl, D.H. Lawrence 1920 here He was quite drunk with his first sleep and saw nothing. Malcolm Sage, Detective by Herbert Jenkins New York, George H. Doran Company 1921 here "I motored back to town, broke in upon the Postmaster-general's first sleep, set on foot enquiries at the Admiralty and War Office, in the meantime arranging for The Towers to be carefully watched." LIFE 5 May 1958 here First sleep is the deepest of the night The Concubine, Elechi Amadi 1966 here  As people stirred from their first sleep, the moon rose. The Tatler - Wednesday 21 February 1951 The golf courses of Melbourne are among the best in the world. But they 're not quite near enough. I have to take them on trust. I listen to those who know and love them and so often, that I play round one or the other of them sometimes in the minutes before first sleep falls on grateful eyes. Birmingham Daily Post - Thursday 31 March 1966 If you are lucky you may see the poll moving over the kingdom as Sir Thomas Browne saw the progress of night over the world: " The Huntsmen are up in America. and they are already past their first sleep in Persia." Enjoy it while it lasts Bury Free Press - Friday 19 December 1952 "This aroused the inhabitants of the village from their first sleep, and away they went halter skelter over hedges, ditches and rivers, till they came to the scene of the uproar, Bognor Regis Observer - Saturday 25 March 1950 It was that after dances, residents in Wessex Avenue, in their first sleep, were often disturbed by car doors opening and shutting, the blowing of horns and young people shouting Dundee Courier - Saturday 02 September 1950 NOISES AT NIGHT. Dear Sir, ill you allow me to appeal to our young folk through your paper ? am so wondering if it is not possible for young men with motor bikes to try to be a bit quieter at late hours. Old folk sleep lightly, and once wakened from their first sleep seldom get over again. This also applies to sick folk and often children, to say nothing of the housewife, who has short enough rest periods. Anti-Noise. Dundee, 31st August 1950 Birmingham Daily Gazette - Thursday 18 August 1955 Whilst l am plagued by a neighbouring animal, which barks me out of my first sleep at midnight, and rouses me from my last one at 6 a.m. Evening Herald (Dublin) - Saturday 16 November 2002 But when sleep comes to close each difficult day, When night gives pause to the long watch I keep, And all my bonds I needs must loose apart, Must doff my will as raiment laid away, With the first dream that comes with the first sleep I run, I run, I am gather'd to thy heart. The Sketch - Wednesday 21 October 1925 She said that almost every night of her life she was suddenly awakened from her first sleep in the early morning hours, and sat up in bed, her heart pounding and her flesh creeping. A very rotten thing to happen to any lady anywhere. And what was the cause The screaming of motor- sirens Some blatant chauffeur or owner-driver dashing home in the early morning hours, and selfishly hooting everybody out of their first sleep because he saw, or thought he saw, a rat in the roadway. Daily Herald - Tuesday 18 November 1924 NIGHT CLUBS AND HEALTH Bad Effects of Losing the First Sleep Some very pertinent and useful remarks on the subject of " Fatigue and Sleep " were made by Sir Robert Armstrong at a meeting of the People's League of Health at the Medical Society of London last evening. Sleep, he said, was a fundamental necessity of human existence: it was even more essential than food, and children suffered acutely if deprived of it. The deepest sleep was two hour after going to bed, and the next period occurred two hours before rising. If bedtime was postponed beyond the usual hour the first sleep was lost and could not be regained. For that reason, the night clubs were destructive to good health and good looks, and dancing into the late hours should not be indulged in more than twice a week, for the tired brain was only restored during sleep. The most common consequences of insufficient sleep were indigestion, palpitation, and mental irritability, with inability to concentrate the attention Cheltenham Chronicle - Saturday 02 April 1910 So was lodged at one Ingram's in Gloucester, and that night lie did eat his meat quietly and slept his first sleep soundly. After his first sleep continued all that night in prayer until the morning, and then he desired that be might into the next chamber (for the guard were also in the chamber where he lay), that there, being solitary, might pray and talk with God. The Tatler - Wednesday 26 February 1902 It is my fancy to have my bedroom close to my library. I was roused from my first sleep suddenly by I knew not what. I lay listening, hearing nothing yet convinced that some unusual sound had broken my slumber. After waiting for a time which seemed long I was falling asleep again when a sudden noise made me jump, a heavy thud like the sound of a large book falling on the floor of the adjoining library. Illustrated London News - Saturday 22 April 1905 Well, behold ye, McGaffey might have been two, or maybe three, hours in his bed, and was about snoring himself out of his first sleep, when there was knock at the and before he had time to say “Do it.” or Don’t,” the door opened, The Bystander - Wednesday 28 September 1921 We  egret to announce that the City gentleman who entered a sub-post office the other day and was asked his requirements before he had properly awakened from his first sleep is still making a noise like a twopenny stamp The Sketch - Wednesday 12 June 1907 The occasion was the poet's bridal night. He suddenly started up out of his first sleep a taper which burned in the room was casting a ruddy glare through the crimson curtains by which the bed was surrounded. Good God, I am surely m hell he cried in horror. He turned to find his bride at his side, staring at him in wide-eyed terror. The Sketch - Wednesday 09 September 1908 Without more ado, although it was one o'clock in the morning, the enterprising young man Jumped into the lift, and making his way to Mr. Jerome's door, banged at it. Eventually, Mr. Jerome was awakened, and tire young man went in. Not unnaturally, Air. Jerome was angry at being disturbed, and his anger made him indifferent to any thing' that; might happen to- the reporter, who, as. the room, was only dimly lighted;, was- not able to recognise that the personality of the author was not that of the politician, or else was ignorant of the identity, of the latter, and was, therefore unable to dis.- cover the difference-. Be that as it may, he- duly asked his questions, -and Mr. Jerome duly gave his views on American political and legal matters with, vigour. He expressed his opinion on the leading men of New York with a freedom which surprised even the- jojiriialist, used to the plain speaking and plain writing of America, As he went on, Mr. Jerome got more and more, eloquent, and even denounced the President, and committed the semi- sacrilegious crime of abusing the name of Abraham Lincoln. Eventually that young reporter left with, his hair almost standing on end; as the result of the diatribes of Mr. Jerome, who had to leaver the. town by an. early morning train, and was therefore unaware of the- excitement- his interview caused, or the fate of the T too-pushing reporter who, had so unceremoniously disturbed his first sleep. The Sketch - Wednesday 26 May 1915 We are threatened with incendiary bombs just when we are getting our first sleep, with poisonous bombs which will corrode our lungs like the infamous gas at Ypres, and now with fog-bombs which will hide the Zeppelins hovering over the house tops and let them work their will upon us The Sketch - Wednesday 08 November 1922 Have you ever lived near a dairy? I am  not talking of those cool, dark, flagged places at the back of farms, but the milk- depot which is known in towns as the dairy. It is frequently the noisiest place in any street. The noise begins at half-past five in the morning. The dairy-men God save the mark have tempers permanently soured by having to get up when some people are going to bed and the virtuous are about halfway through their first sleep. The Tatler - Wednesday 08 October 1902 She believes in the cold tub, and has one daily at an hour when the fashion able members of her sex are in the middle of their first sleep. Lancashire Evening Post - Saturday 25 June 1910 FORTY WINKS. he first sleep is the soundest-after the first hour of sleep slowly diminishes—hence the forty winks after dinner in quickly recuperating shattered powers. The Sketch - Wednesday 25 July 1928 She had a bit of a cold, so had turned in early, and it did seem as if she 'd been startled out of her first sleep by hearing the hall-door shut but she heard nothing more, and dropped off again. Thanet Advertiser - Friday 25 October 1940 HASTY LIFEBOATMEN The guns from the lightships on Tuesday gave sudden start to people who had just dropped into their first sleep. Folkestone, Hythe, Sandgate & Cheriton Herald - Saturday 22 December 1900 To the Editor. Sir, —Allow me to protest against music in the streets after midnight. This is one of those old customs which are more honoured in the breach than in the observance at this time of the year. I am sure I voice the opinion of the sick and all light sleepers on this question. There are many who, on being awakened out of their first sleep by any noise in the street, have great difficulty in getting off to sleep again. The cats and dogs are bad enough, which are unavoidable, while so many are kept in the town. Daily Herald - Wednesday 09 November 1938 Once their first sleep is over they are disturbed by the slightest noise Freeman's Journal - Thursday 29 December 1904 There was a panic amongst the numerous tenants of the house, who were awakened out their first sleep. Kilburn Times - Friday 25 July 1902 Mr Heal and other ratepayers in the Highroad, Witlesdea Green, wrote calling attention to the great annoyance they suffered from 11 to 1 at night from gauge of disorderly persons using foul and filthy language, and who seemed quite unmolested by those responsible for the quiet of the streets. They appealed to the Council for help, and hoped by their representations to the police or otherwise they might be freed from the annoyance. Councillor COWLEY moved that the police should be requested to take action. Councillor PICKWORTH seconded, and said he was constantly woke up out of his first sleep by the noise of those people passing down Willesden Green.—The motion was carried. Liverpool Daily Post - Tuesday 07 March 1916 Help was at once on the spot, and the streets were soon filled with people, who had been awakened out of their first sleep and had partly thrown on a few articles of clothing. Leeds Mercury - Thursday 04 May 1916 Several people were in their first sleep, and never heard the heavy firing to the east, several miles away. Derry Journal - Friday 19 January 1912 The offence took place 11.30 p.m., and District Inspector Hildebrand submitted that heavy flue should imposed view of the fact that defendant disturbed the peace of the town that late hour when people were getting their first sleep. Globe - Tuesday 12 November 1907 He debates with himself whether he shall go and rout Milburd out of his first sleep, and spring the thing on him. Birmingham Mail - Monday 13 March 1905 For knowing the Bohemian’s habits, waited till the early morning hour, when knew him be in his first sleep. Clifton and Redland Free Press - Friday 17 October 1913 The attack comes on during the first sleep, the child starting up in bed, screaming and frequently grasping at unseen objects, the limbs tremble, the eyes with dilated pupils fixedly stare and the child clinge frantically to the mother in its fright. South London Press - Friday 01 October 1909 The popular saying that an hour’s sleep before midnight is worth two after it has a certain foundation in fact, not as regards the actual time of retiring to bed, but inasmuch as the first sleep into which we fall is deeper and more refreshing than the later period. Luton Times and Advertiser - Friday 22 November 1901 Never allow a patient to waked out of his first sleep, either intentionally or accidentally. Hampshire Telegraph - Friday 21 December 1928 She will be amused from her first sleep by ghostly noises, and then will appear the form of her future husband. Bradford Observer - Monday 26 August 1901 The magician says carries out his incantations between midnight and three in the morning his patients, or victims, are then in their first sleep, which condition, says, is favourable for hit efforts to influence them. Lincolnshire Standard and Boston Guardian - Saturday 25 March 1939 Soon the fire siren was in full blast and continued for longer period than usual, for men their first sleep are not easily aroused. Birmingham Daily Gazette - Wednesday 09 August 1905 I have noticed a whole parish disturbed at night by some idiot passing through about 11 p.m. or later, who thinks that event go important to wake up the whole town from their first sleep Arbroath Herald and Advertiser for the Montrose Burghs - Thursday 27 August 1903 It stopped with a thump and a gasp, and sudden buffeting legs and arms; and in the arose a cry; cry of so hideous agony that Grimes, wharf keeper, snug in his first sleep fifty yards away, sprang erect and staring in bed, and so sat motionless for half a minute ere remembered his legs, and thrust them out to carry him to the window. Globe - Saturday 08 July 1905 The complainant before us has the misfortune to live in Acre lane, Brixton, which seems to be much favoured by the offenders in question. Just at the hour when people are beginning to get their first sleep, these trains begin to run, or rather creep, along the roads, shaking the very foundations of the house, and thus permanently damaging the property. Bournemouth Graphic - Thursday 18 January 1906 One night Mr. Hodgson went to bed early after a heavy day at "The Tiger," and forgot to bolt the door. He was in his first sleep when he suddenly became conscious of what seemed like a hairy pillow at the afoot of the bed, and waking up out of a sweet dream viewed a party of his friends, dressed in hats and scarlets for the occasion, and with spades and pickaxes in their hands, just putting a terrier in at the bottom of the bed to draw a tame fox.
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