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BACK William C. Dement, The Promise of Sleep (New York, 1999), 101. As the original passage from Dement makes clear the “primitive pattern” of sleep is feeling sleepy because of the lack of artificial light, and has nothing to do with segmented sleep although Ekirch perhaps disingenuously seems to be implying that it does. It is also not that clear from the whole passage that it is actually a description of Dement’s own experience, the actual quote being:- “I think that it is telling that so many of us find the modern habit of hiking into the wilderness and camping out under the stars so deeply satisfying. We leave behind the bright lights of civilisation and allow ourselves to revert to a more primitive pattern of sleep. Night falls and we start feeling sleepy. Far from the sea of illumination that surrounds every city, most campers soon douse the lantern. With the stars as our only night- light, we are rocked in the welcoming arms of Mother Nature back to the dreamy sleep of the ancients. Its little wonder we wake the next morning feeling so refreshed and alive” BACK
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