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BACK Promise of Sleep, 17. Note that Ekirch does not actually present any evidence of Dement’s “idealized view of sleep” nor explain what he means by this statement. The full quote referenced is “I define sleep in terms of only two essential features. The first, and by far the most important, is that sleep erects a perceptual wall between the concious mind and the outside world, Closing our eyelids makes it easier to sleep, but even if our eyelids were shorn off, we would sleep just the same. Of course if a sound is loud enough, it can leap over the sensory wall and wake the sleeper. The second defining feature of normal sleep is that it is immediately reversible. Even when someone is deeply asleep intense and persistent stimulation will always awaken the sleeper. If no, the person is not asleep, but unconscious or dead.” It may justifiably be asked how easy is it break sleep if “when someone is deeply asleep intense and persistent stimulation” is necessary? BACK
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