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BACK Canali quoted in Camporesi, Bread of Dreams, 68–69 Ekirch claims that this passage is “about insomnia among the poor” however while that this true in the very strictest sense of the word ‘poor’, this passage is actually about sleep in vagrants and beggars rather than the ‘poor’ in general  “And by the fact of not being able to sleep at night whether due to sleeping on a bed fouler than a rubbish heap, or not being able to cover oneself, who can explain how much harm is done?" here  Ekirch writes that “We can only wonder whether exhaustion occasioned other common symptoms of sleep deprivation, including losses in motivation and physical well-being as well as increases in irritability and social friction” I am pretty certain that motivation, irritability and social friction were not factors relevant to the people about which the Bolognese curate was writing about. BACK
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