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BACK Herbert's Devotions, 236. This Devotion is for “His Night-waking”, it says nothing about being “intended for the dead of night” as claimed by Ekirch “His Night Waking 1. Am awake, but ‘tis not time to rife, neither have I yet flept enough. Therefore I beseech the, my God, to bleffe me againe with fweet fleep 2. I am awake, yet not in paine, anguifh or feare, as thousands are, and for that, gracious Lord, I offer thee my praifes and prayers, praifes for me, and prayers for me and others. Continue they favors to me , extend thy compaffions to all perfons in affliection. 3. I am awake by the barking of a dog, or crowing of a cock, a beaft and fowle, which teach me vigilance. Lord, give me what they teach: make me vigilkant in human affaires, but redouble my vigilence in religious duties. 4 While I doe wake, I must not lofe my time, yet what can I doe in the dark? Speake to my God, meditate on his Law. Lord, grant, I now do fo. Fill my mind with good thoughts, and my heart with holie desires. 5. Manie go to bed in health, and there are found dead. I praife the, my good God, for that it hath not been my cafe, and bessech thee, that it never be such 6. Some wake to plot or act mischiefe. Such great God, convert by goodness, or oppose by thy pow’r, cheifly those who devise the ruine of the fatherles, widow, stranger and poore; the destruction of their countrie, suppresion of thy truth, confusion of thy Church 7. Some Wake for the good of others, either mediating upon their beds, how they can help the poore, comfort the afflicted, affift the oppreffed, defend the State, promot truth, learning, piet;  or being alreade in acttion about anie of thefe. The good God favour thefe good men, the God of love be with thefe loving foules, and give their defignes goo fucces. 8. Heark, Peter! the Cock crowes: nay heark my foule! for the cafe concernes thee. Thou are bad, but not fo good as he. He deny’d his Lord thrice. Canft thou fay, thou haft done no more? No, my Chrft, I cannot: yet I can fay, thou art ftill nercifull, and canft convert me by a gracious look. Doe it, my good Lord, I pray thee and with remembrance of thofe indignities amd pains, thou dist endure for me, in the laft night of thy mortall life, make me weep bitterly, repent truely, amnd love thee fincerely, fo that i denie thee no more. 9. How filent are all things? It was in fuch filence, that Chrift was borne to us. God loves quietnes, and therefore comes to us, when we are ftill. O Lord, rebuke the winds, both of  paffions and tentations, which difquies my hear; that thou be borne, and sleep in it.” Note in devotion 1 if as Ekirch contends that “Until the close of the early modern era, Western Europeans on most evenings experienced two major intervals of sleep bridged by up to an hour or more of quiet wakefulness.” why does Herbert need to “beesech” Good to  bless him  “againe with fweet fleep” Note in devotion 3 “I am awake by the barking of a dog, or crowing of a cock, a beaft and fowle, which teach me vigilance.” does not seem to confirm to  Ekirch’s assertions that “Typically, descriptions recounted how an aroused individual had "had," "taken," or "gotten" his or her "first sleep." and that  “the vast weight of surviving evidence indicates that awakening naturally was routine, not the consequence of disturbed or fitful slumber”. BACK
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