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BACK 70  Charles Johnstone, Chrysal: or, The Adventures of a Guinea (London, 1760), 20; Notes and Queries, 2d ser., 5 (March 13, 1858): 207;  Bullein, New Boke of Phisicke, 90; here  “To lie vppon the left side is verie euill in the first sleepe, but tollerable in the seconde,” Charles Johnstone, Chrysal: or, The Adventures of a Guinea (London, 1760), 20; The actual quote is  “In the morning, my lord ', replied she, 'at the conclusion of my second sleep; and, indeed, it made such an impression upon my mind, that I could not go to sleep after; for it was not in the confusion of common dreams”. This use of ‘second sleep’ does not conform to that envisaged by Ekirch as she says that she ‘could not go to sleep after’ it? In Ekirch’s conception of segmented sleep  the end of the ‘second sleep’ would be the end of the night and so there would be no want or need for further sleep? Notes and Queries, 2d ser., 5 (March 13, 1858): 207; here “He rose generally very early, and never took a second sleep” This example of ‘second sleep’ is not specific as to when the second sleep would have occurred, granted it could be as Ekirch conceives but equally it could mean a daytime nap. Richard Saunders, Physiognomie, and Chiromancie, Metoposcopie . . . (London, 1653), 216; here  The natural vapour, is 1, The ebullition or boiling up of the more ſervid blood, and this vapour is the cauſe of morning ſleep, which is manifeſt from hence, becauſe morning ſleep is long, and fills the head with vapours, which being filled, akes or is diflurbed, which being diſturbed is expoſed to much inconvenience, Mercat,lib.2,fol.51. 2. Or ſecondly it proceeds from the concoction of the aliment in the ſtomach; concoction ſo long as it endureth, ſo long it promoteth and nouriſheth the first ſleep. From hence it is that the firſt ſleep is more vehement by reaſon of the more groſs exhalations, and more turbulent, by reaſon of the impurity of vapours; but the morning ſleep is more ſweet, light,and apt for dreams, by reaſon of the more pure vapours, and the more rare and perlucid exhalation. Note that this passage states that “morning sleep is long” where as Ekirch states “Both phases lasted roughly the same length of time”. Thomas Tryon, A Treatise of Dreams&Visions . . . (London, 1689), 14. here Note the amazing similarities between the passage above and this the passage   “Whence it appears that the material Cause of Sleep is a vapour exhaling and ascending the Bra[...]n, which vapour sometimes proceeds from diseased corrupted Humours, and then the Sleep is not natural, but unsound, troublesom, & the symtom of a disease. The natural vapour is that which either ariseth from the Concoction of the aliment in the Stomach, which generally causeth a man's first Sleep, which therefore is more sound, deep and vehement, by reason of the more gross Exhalations, and more turbulent, by reason of the impurity of the vapours, or else 'tis the Ebullition, or Boyling up of the more fervid Blood, which commonly causeth morning Sleeps, which are more sweet, light and apt for Dreams, by reason of the more pure vapours, and the more rare and perlucid Exhalations; but when the same is too long continued, 'tis apt to fill the head with vapours, which being so over filled, is disturbed, and Akes, and occasions Rhumes, Catarhs, Consumption of the Lungs, and many other inconveniencies, which all people should take special notice of, and endeavour to prevent, especially the nice and Sloathfull Dames of the Female Sex, who both by their Constitution and want of Exercise, and ill customs in this kind, do more abound with moist Humors, and consequently are more obnoxious to those Mischiefs” BACK
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