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BACK Chapman's Homer: The Iliad, The Odyssey and the Lesser Homerica, Allardyce Nicoll, ed., 2 vols. (Princeton, N.J., 1967), 2: 73. “In his first sleep, call up your hardiest cheer” here. Translators over the years have rendered the phrase in very different ways:- 1665 ‘As soon as thou shalt spy the God a-sleep’ Ogilby here 1675 ‘Assoon as you shall see he is asleep’ Hobbes here 1800 ‘you see hime laid to sleep’ Giles here 1802 ‘When you will shall him strech’d’ Cowper here 1810 ‘But when with sleep oppressed he close his eyes’ Lloyd here 1834 ‘When first you see him stretch'd in slumber laid,’ Sotheby here 1845 ‘secure he lies, And leaden slumers press his drooping eyes’ Pope here 1853 ‘And when thou shalt have first seen him laid to sleep’ Buckley here 1857 ‘In his first sleep’ Hooper here 1861 “soon as you see him couched’ Worsley here 1863 ‘Now soon as e'er you spy him fallen asleep’ Norgate here 1871 ‘as ye behold him stretched out at length’ Bryant here 1879 ‘And when thou seest him in slumber bound’ Schomberg here 1880 ‘Him when thou seest him addressed to sleep, and well in slumber laid’ Du Cane here 1880 ‘is fallen on deep sleep’ Avia here 1886 ‘fully lulled to sleep’ The Earl of Carnarvon  here 1887 ‘he lieth their asleep’ Morris here 1900 ‘The moment you see that he is asleep’ Butler  here 1903 ’But when you see him sleeping’ Mackail  here 1904 ‘is fallen on deep sleep’ Way  here 1919 ‘Now so soon as you see him laid to rest’ Murray here  1921 ‘As soon as you see him sleeping Palmer’ here 1932 ‘when you see him settled down’ Lawrence here 1946 ‘Directly you see him settled’, Rieu here 1953 ‘But so soon as ever ye see him reclin’d on the sand’ Andrew 1965 ‘Next, as soon as you see that he is asleep’ Lattimore 1967 ‘Then he lay down himself’ Cook 1980 ‘As soon as you see him lying down’ Shewring here  1990 ‘When he lies down to rest’ Mandelbaum page 76 1996 ‘Soon as you see him bedded down; Fagles page 137 2001 Then when you see him make his bed Eickoff p101 2002 ‘Just at the time when first you observe him lying in slumber’ Merrill 2010 ‘as soon as you see him stretched out to sleep’ Johnston page 79 Fitzgerald 1961 does not actually give a translation of the phrase in common with others e.g. Cowper 1809 here; Alford 1861 here; Butcher 1906 here; Cotterill 1911 here; Dunmore 1966 here; Rees 1977 here
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