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BACK Plutarch, The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans, John Dryden, trans. (New York, 1979), 630, 1208; here  The uses of First sleep in Plutarch can be found in Dryden’s translation but not others Lysander 28.3 They, having received aid from Athens, committed their city to the charge of the Athenian troops, and sallying out about the first sleep, succeeded in reaching Haliartus a little before Lysander, and part of them entered into the city. Dryden “The Thebans therefore entrusted their city to a force of Athenians which had come to their aid, while they themselves set out early in the night, and succeeded in reaching Haliartus a little before Lysander, and a considerable part of them entered the city”. Perrin 1916 here  Hereupon, the Thebans entrusted their city with a body of Athenian auxiliaries, and marched out themselves about midnight for Haliartus. They reached the town a little before Lysander, and entered it with part of their forces” 1794 Langhorne here  Marcus Brutus 36.3  But at this time, the war being begun, having the whole state of it to consider, and being solicitous of the event, after his first sleep, which he let himself take after his supper, he spent all the rest of the night in settling his most urgent affairs; which if he could despatch early and so make a saving of any leisure, he employed himself in reading until the third watch, at which time the centurions and tribunes were used to come to him for orders. Dryden At this time, however, when the war was begun and he had in his hands the conduct of a life and death struggle, and was anxiously forecasting the future, he would first doze a little in the evening after eating, and then would spend the rest of the night on urgent business. Perrin 1916 here  after he had slumbered a little after supper, he spent all the rest of the night in dispatching of his weightiest causes Brier 1906 here  Niceas 5.3 Careless of his own and zealous for the public good, he scarcely ever goes to bed till after others have had their first sleep. Dryden here  “he neglects his private interests in his anxiety for the common good, and scarcely gets to sleep till others wake” Perrin 1916 here
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