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BACK Herbert's Devotions, 237; Some wake to plot or act mischiefe. Such great God, convert by goodness, or oppose by thy pow’r, cheifly those who devise the ruine of the fatherles, widow, stranger and poore; the destruction of their countrie, suppresion of thy truth, confusion of thy Church Statement of Thomas Liggins, Old Bailey Sessions Papers, January 15–18, 1748;here  Prisoner Liggins Last saturday was sev'night, in the morning, I believe it was between one and two, somebody knocked at the door; I was in bed, and cried out, who is there? Said a man, here is one. What do you want, said I? He said, he had two or three quarters of beans to sell. I said, if they are worth my while, I will buy them, if they are honestly come by; said I, what sort of beans are they? He said, they were either fit for hogs or horses; (I had some hogs a fatting) Said I, where are they? He said, they were in a house by the water-side. Well, said I, if they are honestly come by, I will buy them. In about three hours time, Hoare and another man came and asked me whether I would have them; I took my horse and cart, and went. They went into a house by Execution-dock , and a man said, I could not have them just then; I stood at the arse of my cart some time, and a watchman came and unlocked a door. I said, bring them along, and I will load them, and I did: and I took them away. here  however it is clear that he did not leave his bed of his own volition but only because someone knocked on his door, it is also not clear that he was in fact asleep at the time. Deposition of Mary Atkinson, March 9, 1771, Assi 45/30/1/3; Deposition of Jane Rowth, April 11, 1697, Assi 45/17/2/93. Horneck, Happy Ascetick, 414 here Ekirch writes that “Reverend Anthony Horneck condemned "how High-way-men and Thieves can rise at midnight to Rob and Murder Men!"”Horneck, Happy Ascetick, 414. However as can be seen from the full passage this is not a condemnation of the highwayman or thief but a condemnation of the lack of religious behaviour in his readers. 2. Behold how High - way - men and Thieves can rife at midnight to Rob and Murder Men ! Behold how watchful thofe unhappy Creatures are to circumvent the unwary Traveller ! Are thefe wretches fo watchful to lofe their Souls , and fhall not we be as Watchful to fave ours ? Shall  they think the Devils fervice worth their watching at night, and fhall not we think the fervice of our God worth fo much? Do they watch to contrive mifchief, and  shall not we do so to contrive our felicity ?  The filent night rouzes their Spirits in- to action, and fhall it dead ours altoge- ther? Shall not wedo as much to make fure of Heaven, as they do to make fure of Hell? Or is the undoing of our felves a more charming act, than fecuring our evelafting intereft? How many are there that can fit up drinking and dan- cing and revelling all night ? Can the Devils Votaries deny themfelves for their Mafter, and fhall we do nothing for ours? Is the true God the onely Deity , that deferves no Self-denial at our hands? And muft the Devil be adored with grea- ter reverence than He , at whofe pre- fence Devils tremble ? Men are not weary of playing at Cards, or Dice all night, and cannot they watch one hour with Chrift at night? Can Men break their fleep to mind the works of Darknefs, and fhall not we break ours , for doing things , which become the Children of Light ? Deposition of Jane Newham, December 3, 1770, Assi 45/30/1/16; Statement of Lord Justice Generall Deputy, August 29, 1722, in Imrie, Justiciary Records of Argyll and the Isles, 2: 376; “it is a known artifice in thieves to go to bed at night and rise in the morning in the presence of others industriously to conceall and palliat actions committed by them in the night time” Deposition of Thomas Nicholson, June 2, 1727, Assi 45/18/4/39–40. BACK
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