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BACK Horneck, Happy Ascetick, 415 here This quote is a continuation of the quote given in footnote 88   2. Behold how High - way - men and Thieves can rife at midnight to Rob and Murder Men ! Behold how watchful thofe unhappy Creatures are to circumvent the unwary Traveller! Are thefe wretches fo watchful to lofe their Souls, and fhall not we be as Watchful to fave ours ? Shall  they think the Devils fervice worth their watching at night, and fhall not we think the fervice of our God worth fo much? Do they watch to contrive mifchief, and  shall not we do so to contrive our felicity The filent night rouzes their Spirits in-to action, and fhall it dead ours altogether? Shall not wedo as much to make fure of Heaven, as they do to make fure of Hell? Or is the undoing of our felves a more charming act, than fecuring our evelafting intereft? How many are there that can fit up drinking and dancing and revelling all night? Can the Devils Votaries deny themfelves for their Mafter, and fhall we do nothing for ours? Is the true God the onely Deity, that deferves no Self-denial at our hands? And muft the Devil be adored with greater reverence than He, at whofe prefence Devils tremble ? Men are not weary of playing at Cards, or Dice all night, and cannot they watch one hourwith Chrift at night? Can Men break their fleep to mind the works of Darknefs, and fhall not we break ours, for doing things, which become the Children of Light ? However as can be seen from the full passage it is not about “the dangers and temptations lurking in the dead of night” but a condemnation of the highwayman or thief but a condemnation of the lack of religious behaviour in his readers. BACK
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