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BACK Note that none of the references given by Ekirch actually refer to midnight. Everie Woman in Her Humor (London, 1609) here  everie night after his first sleepe"   there is no indication as to when in the night this happens nor can the presence of a second sleep be inferred from it. May 24,1595, Richard Rogers and Samuel Ward, Two Elizabethan Puritan Diaries, Marshall Mason Knappen, ed. (Gloucester, Mass., 1966), 105;  here  is even less specific about time “My inability to think a good thought when I waked on the night”   July 12, 1702, Cowper Diary explicitly states that her awakening did not happen at midnight  “Oh sorrowful state! When early in the morn I awake...” And this could just as easily be a description of an early morning awakening and nothing whatsoever to do with segmented sleep. BACK
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