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BACK Rules for the Preservation of Health: Containing All That Has Been Recommended by the Most Eminent Physicians. With the Easiest Prescriptions for Most Disorders Incident to Mankind, through the Four Different Periods of Human Life. Being the Result of Many Years Practice (London, 1762), 59 here  of SLEEP and WAKEFULNESS. Each of theſe carried beyond its proper bounds is injurious to health. Exceſive watching prevents the food from being digeſted, and occaſions - crude humours ; it alſo diffipates the ſtrength, and produceth fevers.- Too much ſleep relaxes the body, makes it phlegmatic and inactive, of prefes the head, impairs the memory, ſtupifies the underſtanding, and makes a man look as if he was parboiled. This passage is clearly not talking about what we would now call insomnia, but merely too much sleep or too much wake in a day is “injurious to health” BACK
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