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BACK Morris Fishbein, ‘Disturbed Sleep Isn’t Disease in Itself’, Star-Journal (Sandusky), 21 Oct. 1927, 20. Peter N. Stearns, Perrin Rowland and Lorri Giarnella, ‘Children’s Sleep: Sketching Historical Change’, Journal of Social History, xxx (1996), 349. here  The full passage actually implies that the statement concerns what the International Classification of Sleep Disorders 3rd edition terms ‘Waking up earlier than desired’ rather than middle of the night insomnia as Ekirch implies. Inability to sleep under good conditions is a difficult problem and one which constantly receive medical attention. The London Lancet considers, in a recent survey of the subject, the various causes of this disturbance. The term insomnia Implies not only Inadequate sleep but also failure to obtain sound and restful sleep. Three types of Insomnia are concerned: 1—Cases in which sleep is delayed In the beginning. 2 —Sleep in which there are disturbing dreams. 3—Sleep which begins normally but does not continue because the sleeper awakens in the early hours of the morning and is unable to sleep again. Though still rare, detailed articles on what to do to combat adult insomnia appeared around 1900. This statement is has nothing to do with the “inability to stay asleep” BACK
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