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BACK Aberdeen Daily News, 8 May 1893. Insomnia is fearfully on the increase. The rush and excitement of modern life so tax the nervous system that multitudes of people are deprived of good and sufficient sleep, with ruinous consequences to the nerves. Remember, Ayer's Sarsaparilla makes the weak strong. Further on the same page is an actual advert for AYER’S Sarsaparilla People Find That it is not wise to experiment with cheap compounds purporting to be blood - purifiers, but which have no real medicinal value. To make use of any other than the old standard AYER’S Sarsaparilla the Superior Blood-purifier—is simply to invite loss of time, money, and health. If you are afflicted with Scrofula, Catarrh, Rheumatism, Dyspepsia, Eczema, Running Sores, Tumors, or any other blood disease, lie assured that It Pays to Use AYER’S Sarsaparilla, and AYER’S only. AYER’S Sarsaparilla can always lie depended upon. It does not vary. It is always the same in quality, quantity, and effect. It is superior in combination, proportion, appearance, and in all that goes to build up the system weakened by disease and pain. It searches out all impurities in the blood and expels them by the natural channels. * AYER’S Sarsaparilla Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass. Sold by all Druggists. Price $1; six bottles, $5. Cures others, will cure you. It is interesting to note that the advert itself makes no mention of sleep, insomnia or sleeplessness. Whether disguised as legitimate news stories or not, advertisements promoting cures for insomnia were common. See also, for example, ‘ ‘‘I Cannot Sleep’’’, Dallas Morning News, 22 Feb. 1898, 4; here When a business man gets to the point where he cannot sleep at night, where he is so shattered of nerve that it is torture to even remain in his bed. and he has to get up and pace the floor it is time for that man to bring himself up with a round turn. If he does not. it means nervous prostration and mental, if not physical, death. For a man who frets into this condition there is a remedy that will brace him up, put him on his feet and make a man of him again. It is Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It goes to the bottom of things. It searches out the first cause. When a man is in this condition you can put your finger on one of two spots and hit that first cause the stomach or the liver or both. This great medicine acts directly on these spots. It promptly transforms a weak stomach into a healthy one. It facilitates the flow of digestive juices and makes digestion and assimilation perfect. It gives a man an appetite like a dot's. It invigorates the liver. It fills the blood with the life- giving: elements of the food, and makes it pure. rich, red and plentiful. The blood is the life current, and when it is filled with the elements that build new and healthy tissues, it does not take long to make a man well and strong. It builds firm, muscular flesh tissues and strong and steady nerve fibers. It puts new life, vigor and vitality into every atom and organ of the body. It cures nervous exhaustion and prostration. Nothing "just as good" can be found at medicine stores. " I had suffered about eleven years with a pain in the back of my head and back." writes Mr. Robert Hubbard, of Varner, Lincoln Co. Ark “I suffered for eleven years and spent a great deal of money for doctors and medicine, but did not relief- Then I tried four  bottles of the 'Goldenn Medical Discovery' and improved greatly. I sent for five more and now am glad to tell everyone that I am in good health.  ‘Insomnia Cured’, Omaha World Herald, 22 June 1906, 8. here  Dr. Williams’ Pink Pills Restored Wrecked Nerves to Normal Condition, and Good Health Followed. INSOMNIA CURED Dr. Williams' Pink Pills Restored Wrecked Nerves to Normal Condition and Good Health Followed. The sufferer from sleeplessness too often resorts to habit-forming drugs in order to secure the coveted rest. But sleep obtained by the use of opiates is not refreshing and the benefit is but temporary at best. Mrs. II. A. Fletcher, of 59 Elodget street, Manchester, N. II., is living evidence of the truth of this statement.. She says: "I received a shock of an apoplectic character. It was so severe that the sight of my right eye was affected, causing me to see objects double. I- was confined to my bed about four week3, at one time being told by the doctor that I could not get well. Then I could leave my bed I was in such a nervous state that I could not sleep at night. I would get up and sit on a chair until completely tired out aid then go back to bed and sleep from exhaustion. I had been under the doctor's care for six weeks when my sister, Mrs. Lovehuid, of Everett, persuaded me to try Dr. Williams Pink Pills for Pale People. I began taking the pills with the result that I soon experienced relief. One night soon after taking them I lay awake only a short time and the next night I rested well. From that time I slept well every night and soon got well and strong. I have recommended Dr. "Williams' Pink Pills a number of times, and my niece has taken them for weak nerves and poor blood and found them very beneficial." Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have cured many severe nervous troubles, headache, neuralgia and sciatica as well as diseases of the blood such as anaemia, rheumatism, pale and sallow complexions and many forms of weakness. All druggists sell Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, or they will be sent by mail postpaid, on receipt of price, 50 cents per box, six boxes for $2.50, by the Dr. Williams Medicine Company, Schenectady, N. Y. 17. While interesting these passages seem to have nothing to do with Ekirch’s conception of ‘segmented sleep’ or middle of the night insomnia. For more about these seemingly magic pills see this wonderful promotional booklet here  BACK
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