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BACK ‘Nerve Weakness’, Yorkshire Evening Post, 6 Nov. 1903. Nerve Weakness: Thousands of tired men and women, and young people of both sexes, who, a few months were utterly miserable owing to nerve weakness, are now taking with confidence and marked benefit EAU DES CARMES (BOYER). This is the famous French Nerve and Elixir with which the Carmelite monks performed such marvellous cures, and which attracted so much attention long ago as 1607. It is sold today the same form it was sold nearly 300 years ago. EAU DES CARMES (BOYER) unlike any other tonic that you have ever tried. It is contained liqueur-shaped phials. It can taken neat, or in water, or in tea. It’s stimulus is instantaneous. It has no ill after-effect. If you have never attained to the full vigour of your strength; if you are but a shadow of your proper self; if you are morbid, hysterical; if you are in a condition of mental despair and despondency; if you suffer from insomnia, and nervous prostration if you feel the nerve force weakening, and are conscious of the loss vitality, you will find at once in EAU DES CARMES (BOYER) what thousands of tired men and women have found—a truly perfect nerve tonic. A wonderful remedy; absolutely reliable and inexpensive; a large trial bottle costs but 13½d., and lasts 14 days. The many nervous patients who have cried in their need for a confidant, and who in disgust have locked their hearts' secrets within themselves should read our book, " NERVES." Free from the Agency for EAU DES CARMES (BOYER), 46, Holborn Viaduct, London, E.C. Interestingly in the same issue of the Newspaper their is an advert for Beecham’s Pills that makes no mention of insomnia WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. BEECHAM'S PILLS Are composed of vegetable drugs of great purity and medicinal value; have been in almost universal use for over half-a-century, and are without doubt Effective Corrective in all cases where corrective is needed, they act directly upon both the DIGESTIVE AND NERVOUS SYSTEMS. BEECHAM’S are specially suitable for females of all ages. Every woman who values health should read the instructions wrapped round each box. A box of BEECHAM'S PILLS should always kept in the house, as, like a " stitch in time," they may save much future worry, and on the first sign of any derangement of the system a dose should be taken, and they will invariably have the meet beneficial effect. THEY CURE DISEASE BY REMOVING THE CAUSE OF IT. Remember that if you require a reliable remedy to remove the complications caused by BILIOUSNESS, IMPERFECT DIGESTION, TORPID LIVER, and IMPURE BLOOD, can always depend upon BEECHAM'S PILLS. Sold everywhere Boxes. Is. lid. (56 pills) and 2a. 9d. (168 pills) West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser, 8 Jan. 1903 BEECHAM’S PILLS CURE BILIOUS and NERVOUS DISORDERS, CONSTIPATION, SICK HEADACHE, INDIGESTION. DYSPEPSIA. And all STOMACHIC TROUBLES. BEECHAM’S PILLS REMOVE WIND and PAINS in the STOMACH AROUSE SLUGGISH ANd TORPID LIVERS. ENSURE PROPER ASSIMILATION of FOOD. STRENGTHEN the STOMACH. BEECHAM’S PILLS MAKE you LOOK WELL, FEEL WELL, and KEEP WELL. REMOVE PIMPLES and BLOTCHES on the SKIN. LAY the FOUNDATION of GOOD HEALTH. SUITABLE for OLD and YOUNG. BEECHAM’S PILLS PURIFY the BLOOD and REMOVE SCURVY. ARE MILD but EFFECTIVE in their action. REMOVE THE RESULT of OVER-INDULGENCE. CURE RESTLESSNESS and INSOMNIA. BEECHAM’S PILLS Are SPECIALLY SUITABLE for the DISEASES AND AILMENTS COMMON to FEMALES. IMPROVE THE COMPLEXION. REGULATE THE SYSTEM.  BEECHAM'S PILLS hare stood the test over 50 years without the publication of testamonials, as they RECOMMEND THEMSELVES Sold Everywhere in Boxes as 1s. 1½d. (56 pills) ans  2s. 9d (168 Pills). ‘The Passion for Speed’, Nottingham Evening Post, 29 Apr. 191 I am not sure why Ekirch believes this is a lamentation ‘A New Yorker speaking of the bustle of London life says “The five-minute shave, the ten-course dinner bolted in 45 minutes, the quick-lunch counter, the telephones in restaurants, are all indications  that  London  is  becoming more and more enslaved by the deplorable, life-shortening gospel saving minutes by maintaining the pace that kills. In America this passion for speed is  a  recognized disease, and is known as Americanitis. London’s ailment, I suppose, would be Londomania’: BACK
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