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BACK ‘The Afternoon Nap’’’, British Medical Journal, 15 Apr. 1893, 810. here  THE Editor of Wit and Wisdom publishes the opinions of a number of eminent correspondents concerning the value of ' the afternoon nap." The correspondents are described as ' brain workers," which term seems to mean literary and professional men. The replies are as such replies are usually. 'Our medical readers well know in this, as in other matters, tot homines tot usus. One man can work long and well on hours of sleep which would fail to restore another, as one man can use the tobacco or tea which poison his neighbour. Some, who cannot or will not work by day, work by night. Now, other things being equal, the value of morning sleep is less than of sleep by night ; it is lighter, and more open to disturbances. He who reads and writes by night finds, at threescore or sooner, that he has unduly taxed his strength; for such a person " the afternoon nap " is clear gain-it adds to the sum of sleep of a sort. Elderly people and bad sleepers often wake very early, and remain awake in spite of the friendly sandwich; for these the later nap is useful. There are too hardworked men of naturally feeble powers who benefit greatly by any addition to their hours of sleep; but for the ordinary man who sleeps of an afternoon the judicious physician will prescribe less luncheon. Finally, the value of casual slumbering to persons suffering from " insomnia" is not sufficiently well known. It is too often supposed that sleep is a fund which must be hoarded up for use in due seasons. On the contrary sleep breeds sleep, and the warm feet, the incurious mind, and the raised position of the easy chair may offer what the softest pillow refuses, and thus the sweet custom of sleep is re-established. The BMJ does not describe them as such but the number of eminent correspondents quoted by the THE Editor of Wit and Wisdom. There is no suggestion of their actual professions, merely an assumption nor is the evidence that they are “on the front lines of progress”, this is simply a poetic invention on Ekirch’s part BACK
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