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BACK  A.W. MacFarlane, Insomnia and its Therapeutics (New York, 1891), 63. here Ekirch presents no evidence of “colleagues alarm over insomnia” and the advice from MacFarlane is similar to that of countless others and in no way advocates “caution and forbearance” If a patient awake during the night and is unable to fall asleep again, he should on no account lie tossing about worrying at his fate. Such a course invariably prevents the return of sleep. It is better to rise and walk two or three times round the room, brush the hair, take a drink of water, and  then go back to bed. If that does not prove efficacious, he  should light a candle, and take to a novel or other light reading, that he may occupy his mind. It is at once a comfort and an aid to sleep. BACK
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