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BACK [Louisa Sidney Stanhope], Sydney Beresford: a Tale of the Day, 3 vols. (London,1835), ii, 69–70 here  “Lament,” repeated admiral Leslie, warmly ; “by my soul, I should mourn it in sackcloth and ashes all our simplicity would be lost; all our originality ship wrecked. Why, sir,” and he turned abruptly to Fortescue, “the ancients were in their first sleep when we moderns are sipping our claret : and, faith, if we believe what we read, they knew how to live, for their sinews were of iron—ours of paper.” Ekirch is somewhat obsessed with trying to introduce class into his arguments yet despite what Ekirch contends this passage has nothing to do with “social subordinates”, it simply refers to people at some point in the past.
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