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BACK How Clubs Treat Ladies in Russia’, All the Year Round, 29 Mar. 1862, 57. here These club balls have become quite the rage in Russia. Our highest aristocracy, who have much of the spirit that distinguished the gay nobles who flocked to the OEil de Boeuf at the courts of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Louises of France, come to them in crowds, and patronise them, as they do all things democratic, with rather too eager and ostentatious a patronage. Their highnesses and their excellencies jig it bravely with the shopboy and the huckster; and the coronet and the working cap sit down together at supper. Instead of the sleepy waiters we used to see dozing about and nursing their stomachs in the entrance-hall, we have a company of brisk pages with quicksilver in their shoes; at night, as the quiet man turns drowsily in his bed between his first and second sleep during the small hours, clear and loud come the songs and laughter of our club roysterers sledging homeward. Such a gay city as we have made of this city of ours never was seen before. All the world seems pleasure mad; for pleasure for the first time has been placed within the reach of all. While this passage does indeed mention ‘first’ and ‘second sleep’, it implies no intervening period of wakefulness contrary to what Ekirch asserts. BACK
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