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  BACK ‘Early Rising’, New York Times, 25 May 1876. here  It is well not to be beguiled by saws and counsels on the subject. Most of them had their origin in a distant era, and under conditions totally different from those now existent. Our remote ancestors went to bed early because there was nothing else to do. Their descendants of to-day go to bed late and get up late for very much the same reason. Country folk seek their pillow from sheer fatigue, from weariness, from want of mental stimulant. City people avoid their pillow, for at dark their recreation begins. Notice this passage doesn’t actually say that it is country folk who go “early to bed” as Ekirch contends, but “our remote ancestors “ The passage gives no support for Ekirch’s contention that “families hewed to older habits” and is thus is not relevant to the point that Ekirch is trying to make.
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