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BACK Imaginary Chats with an Articled Clerk’, Law Notes: a Monthly Magazine for Students and Practictioners, x (1891), 279. here It is clear that this passage is only talking about the benefits of early rising in the summer for the authors say “we are by no means sure that early work is good during the winter” We are very pleased indeed to hear it—there is nothing like early rising during the summer months and getting some two or three hours' reading done before breakfast —stealing a march, so to speak, on the day and on one's fellow beings, who are enjoying that second sleep which is, at least at this time of the year, over- indulgence, and neither refreshing nor beneficial. Of course, everyone thinks that he cannot get up early until he tries, that to do good work before breakfast is an impossibility ; but we are not astonished to find that you, like others before you, find that not only is it possible but that it is down right pleasurable to work when the morning sun is shining into the room and everything is quiet and peaceful. To work in the early morn in summer is as pleasant as to burn the midnight oil in winter ; and, as you say, by getting your reading done before office hours you have all the evening open to you for healthy recreation in the form of cricket and boating —pastimes we would have you enjoy to the full, just at this time of the year. Ah, that is a very different matter —we are by no means sure that early work is good during the winter—the mornings are so cold and dark—everything is so full of discomfort —there is so much likelihood of taking cold that we incline to the view, so generally taken and acted upon, that the best place in the early mornings in winter is between the sheets ; and that night working is in every way preferable during the dark seasons.  E. P. Thompson, ‘Time, Work-Discipline, and Industrial Capitalism’, Past and Present, no. 38 (1967). here  BACK
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