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BACK ‘Early Rising: a Word to Little Folks’ here  This passage does not mention early rising, other than in the title, and t is referring to the joys of getting up in the morning and not ‘early rising’ per say and thus is of no relevance to the point that Ekirch is trying to make WORD TO LITTLE FOLKS AND GREAT FOLKS. UP, up, little folks and great folks ! Up with the lark! inhale the pure sweets of early dawn. Breakfast on the morning air, fresh with the odour of budding flowers, and the fragrance of the maiden spring. Up, wake up, ere the glorious king of day streaks the east. "Up ! rise and see The dew-spangled herb and tree. Ye who would couple labour and health, Must begin at an early hour." Up betimes and on your knees ere the sun streak the east ! The morning is the prime, the golden season. The morning air, how sweet, how delicious, how charming ! — Hail, lovely morning, precursor of a brighter day !  "Sweet is the breath of mom, her rising sweet With charms of earliest birds ; pleasant the sun When first on this delightful land he spreads His orient beams on herb, tree, fruit, and flower, Glistening with dew." Morning air adds brightness to the blood, fresh life and vigour to the whole frame. 'The freshness of the lips is one of the surest signs of health.' Would you be well, enjoy health, life, vigour of soul and body ? have your heart dance joyfully like an April breeze, and your blood flowing like an April brook ? Up ! wake up, tune your hearts in grateful praise ! ' Wake, while yet the sparkling dew-drops Gem each flow'ret's tiny bell — While the joyous woodland warblers, Loud their grateful chorus swell — Kneel with calm and thankful spirit, Kneel and breathe thy morning prayer.' BACK
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