Dr Neil Stanley Independent Sleep Expert
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Is thread count important? There is a lot of pseudo-scientific nonsense talked about thread count and bed linen in general, designed solely to get consumers to part with their money. There is of course a difference in how different bed linen feel but there is absolutely no evidence that this has any bearing on quality of sleep. In 37 years of being involved in sleep I have never heard of someone complaining that they did not sleep because of their uncomfortable bed linen. There is so some research in to breathability of various thread counts but I do not see the relevance of this to bed linen, breathability if the ability of air to move through a fabric, however that is not relevant in bed linen as this is covering a mattress/duvet/pillow so air transit is not possible. Do you think that a very thin layer of cotton on a duvet is going to be the thing that causes you to get hot mid-sleep? Breathability has nothing to do with the thermal properties of a fabric. There is no magic thread count, as long as your bed linen are 100% natural, the main criteria you should use when buying them is, do they look nice?