Dr Neil Stanley Independent Sleep Expert
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Sleep and your wedding Sleep is important for feeling and looking your best the next day so however excited you are, getting good sleep is key for having the best day. The key thing is to do something relaxing the night before and set aside the time for sleep. Setting aside a particular period of time for doing your wedding related tasks would help particularly if this is not too close to bed-time and you have a good ‘wind-down’ after this period. The body craves regularity and so having a routine is important. Stress, anxiety, worry are the enemies of good sleep. Essentially the perquisite for a good night’s sleep is a quiet mind. You cannot fall asleep if your mind is racing. Therefore you need to quieten you mind. How do you do this? Well I don’t know how YOU do this, I read every night before bed, it works for me but I am not suggesting that it necessarily works for you. Basically, it can be anything that calms the mind and relaxes you, some people like camomile tea, or yoga, or medication or listening to Pink Floyd, it doesn’t matter what you do as long as it is calming.