Dr Neil Stanley Independent Sleep Expert
 Consultancy I have worked with a wide range of corporate clients as a consultant providing honest, unbiased and insightful help with; drug development, product development, clinical trials design, consumer messages and public relations. Vispring * Evotec * Sanofi-Aventis * Astellas * Ferring * Lunbeck * BOC * Pfizer * Takeda * Boots * GSK * Passion for Life * Soothsoft * We Love Sleep * Lightsleeper * John Cotton * Perrigo * Maribo -Medica, Denmark * ScanSleep, Denmark I have worked with numerous PR companies to provide sleep expertise for product messaging for brands such as:- Vispring here * Sleep Well Milk * Department of Transport * Chessington World of Adventures * Disney (Sleeping Beauty DVD) * Horlicks * Nytol * British Cheese Council * The Sleep Council * Snoreeze * Crampex  here * Hillarys Blinds * Norwich Theatre Royal (Northern Ballet Theatre A Midsummer's night Dream) * The Sleep Council * H7 * Deep Relief  * Boots  * Furniture Village here  I have been involved with several TV production companies in developing programmes about various aspects of sleep.  
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