Dr Neil Stanley Independent Sleep Expert
My Sleep I think that if you are going to give advice about sleep then you should at least practice what you preach, so below is a brief description of my sleep environment and habits; I sleep in a 6ft (Super King) Vispring Shetland Superb bed (NB I sleep on this Vispring bed not because I have a consultancy with them but because for me it is the most comfortable bed I have experienced, and I have experienced many beds!) The bed is dressed with pure wool, long, continental single duvets and pure cotton bed linen. I use 2 down and feather pillows. I wear cotton pyjamas. I always sleep with a window open. I do not have a TV, computer or a radio in my bedroom. I always read a proper paper book before lights out. I am very much a morning person so if I wake up early I will get up. If I wake in the middle of the night I will usually switch the bedside light on and read for 10-60 minutes. I feel I need 9-9½ hours sleep a night to be at my best. I have a pretty regular routine when I am at home I usually go to be between 2130-2230 and awake and get up at 0600-0630, even at the weekends. I do snore sometimes usually after alcohol but also because I carry a bit more weight than perhaps I should. I do not exercise in the evening I do not eat too late at night. I do not specifically avoid caffeine in the evening I sometimes, but not often, have a couple of beers or a couple of glasses of wine in the evening. I have paper and pen next to my bed to write down worries/thoughts that occur to me during the night. As a child I did not have any particular sleep problems.  
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