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IMPORTANT I am not medically qualified although I have spent all my adult life researching sleep, the contents of this website are based on my research, my experience, my reading of the relevant scientific and popular literature on the subject, a life-long interest in the subject of sleep and finally plain and simple common sense. The advice given is in no way intended to replace medical opinion and I must stress that if you are in any way concerned about your sleep, your child’s sleep or your partner’s sleep, then go and see your G.P. 112 Sleep Tips How to Sleep in the heat The virtuousness of Short Sleep Can anyone be a ‘sleep expert’? Why men fall asleep after sex The real Sleep Experts Sleep O&A The myth of Sleep positions and personality The Sleep Room ‘Sleeping together’ or ‘Sleeping together’ Should I buy the latest Sleep self-help book? Do I need to go to a ‘Sleep Spa’? Do I need an ‘Analysis of my Sleep Environment’? Florence Nightingale on Sleep Robert Macnish and ‘The Philosophy of Sleep’ Was Napoleon a short sleeper? Thomas Dekker, many a true word spoken in jest Are Power Naps any good? Historical Sleep Tips Daft Sleep Tips American Sleep Folklore Sleep Jokes Sleep Facts Sleep Quotes Worldwide Sleep Tips