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IMPORTANT I am not medically qualified although I have spent all my adult life researching sleep, the contents of this website are based on my research, my experience, my reading of the relevant scientific and popular literature on the subject, a life-long interest in the subject of sleep and finally plain and simple common sense. The advice given is in no way intended to replace medical opinion and I must stress that if you are in any way concerned about your sleep, your child’s sleep or your partner’s sleep, then go and see your G.P. Is your foam or latex mattress/pillow killing you? 112 Sleep Tips Insomnia sub-types Relax and sleep Can anyone be a ‘sleep expert’? The real Sleep Experts Pain and sleep Do I need to take magnesium to help me sleep? Doctors and sleep Should schools start later? Are you a back or side sleeper? 9 Commonly held Sleep myths Tossing and turning Bed-in-a-box Paleo sleep, do I meed to sleep like a ‘caveman’? What is Periodic Limb Movement Disorder? What is Restless Legs Syndrome? What is sleep paralysis? What are night cramps? What are night terrors? What are dreams? Sleep as we age  Snoring The 8hr Myth Siesta Do you need to ‘Ground’ or ‘earth’ your bed? Size really does matter  The Japanese art of sleep How do hormones affect sleep? How to sleep during the menopause? Are there any foods that help you sleep? When does trouble sleeping turn into insomnia? The Truth about Bedbugs Are bamboo sheets superior? Beauty Sleep The Sleep Room The future of sleep ‘Sleeping together’ or ‘Sleeping together’ Sleep and happy families Why we change our clocks? Sleep and the law Hotels and sleep Semisomnia Florence Nightingale on Sleep Robert Macnish and ‘The Philosophy of Sleep’ Was Napoleon a short sleeper? Thomas Dekker, many a true word spoken in jest Sleeping position and personality Injured sleep - 24/7: Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep How to create a ‘fake’ sleep tip Driving and sleep Does blue light cause blindness? Bundling Historical Sleep Tips Daft Sleep Tips American Sleep Folklore Sleep Jokes Sleep Facts Sleep Quotes Worldwide Sleep Tips Is thread count important? Shattered (Channel 4) Sleep and your wedding Cheese and dreams ‘sleepy or ‘tired’ Don’t blame the mattress Sleep ‘geeks’ Was Margaret Thatcher really a short sleeper? The Polish way of sleeping How to avoid awkward questions