Dr Neil Stanley Independent Sleep Expert
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Why men fall asleep after sex, after a big meal and in front of the TV The feeling of being safe and secure is the reason why men fall asleep after sex and large meal. Let me explain, from an evolutionary point of view a man’s role is essentially to hunt and to protect and once he has provided food and ensured the safety of the group there is little else useful for him to do, therefore he sleeps. Now for most animals sleep and sex are not linked in any way because when you have sex you are vulnerable, your back is turned and your mind is on other things, for instance our closet cousins, Chimps and Gorillas, have sex very quickly. Therefore if a man feels safe and secure enough to have nice, pleasurable sex then he is also safe and secure enough to go to sleep (and of course after a hard day hunting and protecting he needs his sleep). Now many people say that this desire to sleep is the result of a release of various hormones during sex, however surely those hormones are released equally when you are making love in a bed or having a quick ‘knee trembler’ in a back alley, yet I am pretty sure no man has ever been overcome with sleepiness in this situation. The same is true with regards eating, when you have your head stuck in a wildebeest carcass you are vulnerable so if you are not ‘king of the jungle’ you either need take you food somewhere safe or you eat quickly. Again if you are in the position to be able to enjoy a nice pleasurable meal you are safe and secure enough to sleep. Also if you are relaxed enough to be able to watch the game on TV in peace you are safe and secure so you can fall asleep.