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America has a very rich folklore about sleep A baby who laughs in its sleep soon has colic. A baby whose empty cradle is rocked will not sleep well. A bucket or pan of cold water secretly set under the patient's bed will cure night sweat. A child sleeping with an old person will not grow because the elder absorbs the vitality of the younger. A child smiling in its sleep will wake up fretful. A dirty sock worn around your neck when you go to bed will cure a sore throat A feather found in your hair on awakening in the morning means you have overslept an hour. A forgetful person should sleep on hops to stimulate his memory. A fork under your pillow rids you of nightmare. A girl can gain a charming complexion by sleeping in the moonlight. A growing baby sleeping in the moonlight goes crazy later in life. A horse halter hanging on the head of the bed drives away nightmare. A man can get rid of leg cramps by wearing in bed at night a woman's stockings; a woman, a man's socks. A person always rests better or sleeps sounder in the dark of the moon. A person sleeping flat on the bed may expect bad dreams. Always use one pillow at least. A person sleeps well with two needles crossed beneath the pillow. A person unable to sleep should get up and put some garlic in his shoes. A person when disturbed by nightmare should turn his pillow over and make the sign of the cross on it. A potato kept under the bed is a good remedy for night sweat. A sleeping person will talk when his little finger is held in a glass of water. A wife sleeping with her head to the south will soon become pregnant. A woman who starts to make a bed and stops before completing her task will soon receive company. Always leave your bed from the same side you entered it, to avoid bad luck. Always sleep on an unironed sheet for luck; sleeping on an ironed sheet will cause bad luck. Always sleep with a saint's picture over your bed for luck. An open Bible kept under your pillow prevents restlessness at night. Anything you dream while sleeping on a piece of wedding-cake will come true As a method for learning the secrets of a person who is asleep, put his hand in a glass of water. As a nightmare remedy, go to bed wearing your left garter. As a protection against your sleep-walking, a Bible should be kept beneath your pillow. As a remedy for backache, sleep with a knife beneath your mattress. As a remedy for night sweat, turn your shoes upside down under the bed. Breakfast served in bed is unlucky. Bride and bridegroom sleeping with their heads to the north on their wedding night will always be happy. Brown paper beneath your pillow will make you sleep better. By sleeping with a cabbage under the head of your bed on New Year's night you have money all year. Children who sleep with elderly people do not live long. Children who snore in their sleep will some day be rich. Dip your fingers in a pan of cold water before going to bed and nightmare will not come to you during the night. Do not sleep so that the moon can shine on your face; your face will become crooked. Do not sleep where the moon can shine on you; it will cause nightmare. Don't let the moonlight shine on your face while you are sleeping, it will cause you to go crazy. For bed wetting, cook a mouse, preferably by boiling, and make a sandwich of it, and feed it to the child. For luck you may sleep with a small braid of your hair beneath your pillow. For two persons to sleep in the same room is bad luck. Fried rat is said to be a cure for children who wet their beds Hold a mirror before the face of a person who is talking in his sleep, he will tell you what you want to know. If a bridesmaid sleeps on a piece of wedding cake three nights, she will be married within a year. If a cat be allowed to sleep on the bed, it will cure a person of rheumatism by absorbing the rheumatism. If a daughter is desired, a woman should sleep under a blue and white blanket. If a husband sleeps at the left side of his wife, she will get a girl; if at the right side, a boy. If a person snores, lay a lemon under his pillow. If a son is desired, a woman should sleep under a red and white blanket. If a woman makes her beds in the morning, she is an energetic house-keeper; if at noon or later, a lazy one. If an aged person sleeps with a child, it will absorb the child's strength. If an axe with the point up is secretly laid under the bed of a person who has nightmare, a cure will soon follow. If an onion is cut in half and laid under the pillow, a person will not walk while asleep. If anyone starts to make a bed, it is unlucky for the owner if another person finishes it. If on waking in the morning you are on your right side, you will be lucky that day; if on the left, unlucky. If one goes to bed crying, he will get up singing If one should comb his or her head after the sun goes down, ghosts will interfere with his or her sleep. If one sleeps with his head to the food of the bed, he will soon be carried out the house feet foremost. If one will get on a feather bed during a thunderstorm, lightning will not strike him. If you are restless during the night, rub the bottom of your left ear and you will soon be asleep. If you arise from the right side of your bed, good luck will come to you that day; if from the left side, bad luck. If you crawl over anyone when getting out of bed, there will be a quarrel in the family that day. If you don't get to sleep before midnight, your sleep won't do you a bit of good. If you get out of bed on the right foot, it indicates good luck all day; if on the left foot, bad luck. If you get up on the wrong side of the bed, you will have a headache. If you go to sleep during New Years Day, you will die during the year. If you hang your clothes up at night, you will sleep well; if you throw them down, you will not sleep at all. If you hurt your foot when getting out of bed in the morning and do not say anything bad, all day you will have good luck. If you kiss a baby while it is asleep, it will grow up to steal. If you lay a wet cloth on a sleeptalker's head, he will tell you his secrets. If you leave your boots or shoes higher than your head, you will have a bad night's rest. If you look at a sleeping baby and it likes you, the child will wake up. If you look under your bed at night, you will never get married. If you sing before breakfast, you'll cry before you go to sleep. If you sing in bed, you'll get a whipping. If you sleep in school, you will be unfortunate. If you sleep on your right side, good luck may be expected; if on the left, bad luck. If you sleep with a knife under your pillow it will drive witches away. If you sleep with your arms above your head, you will always have bad luck If you sleep with your book under your head the night before an examination, you will pass successfully. If you sleep with your books under your pillow, you will know your lesson the next day. If you sleep with your head to the east, your dreams will be good; if to the west, bad. If you sleep with your head to the foot of the bed, you will soon have a quarrel. If you sleep with your shoes beneath the foot of the bed, you will not rest. If you sleep with your shoes beneath the head of the bed, you will rest well. If you sneeze after getting in bed, you will hear of a death in less than twelve hours. If you start making a bed and stop before the task is completed, you will have a disappointment that day. If you sweep under a person's bed while he is asleep in it, he will have bad luck. If you talk in your sleep, it means you have enemies If you whistle while you are in bed, the cat will bite you next morning. If your first word on getting out of bed is bad, everything will go wrong that day. If your first-born is a girl, and you want a boy, turn your bed around. Insomnia is cured by keeping a four-leafed clover beneath your pillow. It is bad luck to sleep after sunrise on Easter Sunday. It is bad luck to sleep during a thunderstorm. It is bad luck to change a sick person from one bed to another. It is bad luck to lay (hang) your hat on the bed. It is bad luck to sing after going to bed. It is bad luck to sleep during a church service. Some member of your family will die. It is bad luck to turn over in bed while dreaming. It is lucky to sleep on a pillowcase having an embroidered greeting. It is lucky to sleep with a newspaper beneath your bed. It is unhealthy to have an east wind blow on you while sleeping It is unlucky to sleep in a chair all night. It is unlucky to stand on a bed. Keep your shoes turned upside down at night and you will sleep well. Make a person talk in his sleep by holding his hand in muddy water. Make your beds early in the morning and you will be lucky all day. Moonshine on the face of a sleeper will cause headache Never climb over another occupant of the bed; bad luck will come to you. Never lie where the moon can shine on your face while asleep; bad dreams will appear during the night. Never sleep with the head of your bed to the west; you will not sleep well. Never stop to do something else after you have begun to make a bed; you will be unlucky. Night air is injurious to people Night sweat can be stopped by putting a cup of cold sage tea under the bed. Night sweat is prevented by keeping your shoes under the exact centre of the bed. Nightmare is always worse on a rainy night. Nightmare is driven away by an open pocketknife laid under the pillow. Nightmare is prevented with a fork and knife crossed beneath your pillow. On Friday the thirteenth, stay in bed On New Year's morning get out of bed on your right foot and you will be lucky all year. One of the two women who make a bed together will have a baby before the end of the year. People who sleep badly should put a butcher-knife under the pillow. Persons keeping the toes of their shoes pointed east during the night will not have nightmare. Protect yourself against bad dreams by sleeping with a needle in the hem of your nightgown. Rheumatism can be cured by sleeping with corks in your mattress; they absorb the disease. Rid yourself of night sweat by keeping grape leaves under the sheet. Salt anywhere under or in the bed is effective against sleeplessness. Salt beneath the bed or under the sheet cures night sweat. Scissors kept beneath the bed or mattress prevents a person from talking while asleep. Shoes kept under the side of the bed with toes pointing out prevent night sweat. Singing in bed means that you will soon weep in bed. Sleep a Bible beneath your pillow and you will not have nightmare. Sleep in the moonlight, and you will go blind. Sleep with a cat and you will have bad luck. Sleep with a feather under your pillow, and the weather will be fair the next day. Sleep with a horseshoe under your pillow on New Year's Eve for luck all year. Sleep with cedar bark or leaves in a bag under your pillow and you will not have night sweat. Sleep with rice beneath your pillow for luck. Sleep with the windows tightly closed at night to prevent the bad night air from bringing an illness. Sleeping with a dog will cure rheumatism. The animal absorbs the rheumatism. Sleep-walking can be prevented by secretly keeping a glass or pan of water under the victim's bed. Someone throwing a pillow at you will give you bad luck. Tea made from hot water and corn silk will cure bed wetting in children. The first time you sleep beneath a new blanket or a new quilt your dream will come true. The first time you sleep in a strange bed put a penny under the pillow for luck. The girl who sleeps on a love letter from her beau will soon hear from him again. The head of the bed must never be placed toward the rising sun, as cause the sleeper will rise with a bad headache. The night of your wedding always sleep with head to the east and feet to the west for luck. The person who crawls into bed over the footboard will be unlucky. The person who keeps a Bible under his pillow will not talk in his sleep. The person who keeps his shoes under the bed will have night sweat. The person who on arising in the morning finds a feather in his hair will be surprised that day. The person who sleeps in the moonlight will soon die. The person who sleeps with his shoes beneath the bed will be restless all night. The person who sleeps with legs spread apart will never snore. The snores of a sleeper can be stopped at once by telling him to stop snoring. The woman who keeps a man's pocketknife beneath her pillow will not be molested by nightmare. Three persons sleeping together in the same bed will have bad luck. Tie a big red onion to the bedpost and it keeps the ones in the bed from having colds To awake in the morning with a feather in your hair denotes a letter in the mailbox. To cry in your sleep is a sign of death. To cure chills, put a bowl of water under the bed. To cure cramp, turn your shoes upside down when you go to bed. To cure night sweat, lay an axe or hatchet under your bed. To dream of your future mate, sleep with a four-leafed clover beneath your pillow. To get up after going to bed is bad luck. To get up before dawn and see the moon over your left shoulder is unfortunate. To have another person's shoes beneath your bed will give you a sleepless night. To keep yourself from snoring, put a Bible under your head. To lie or sleep crosswise on the bed brings misfortune. To make a person talk while asleep or to understand what a sleeptalker is saying, hold his big toe. To memorize a lesson while asleep, sleep with the book beneath your head. To memorize a poem while asleep, say it twice after you have gone to bed. To memorize anything while asleep, write it on a piece of paper and hold the paper in your hand all night. To move a bed while someone is in it is unlucky. To place your feet on a bed is unlucky. To prevent and cure fever, cut onions and put them under the bed. To prevent night sweat, keep your shoes under the bed so that the toes point toward the foot of the bed. To prevent nightmares smell your finger after you have held it about ten minutes between your little and next toe To prevent nightmares, lay a knife under your pillow and stuff the keyhole of the bedroom door with cotton. To put an umbrella on the bed causes disputes. To rest well at night let your diet be light or else you'll complain with stomach and pain. To say one's prayers after getting into bed is unlucky. To sleep on your back is a cause of dreams; also, this causes bad dreams say some. To sleep with a razor and a bible under your head wards of nightmares. To sleep with your head raised high will give you wrinkles. To sleep with your left stocking about your neck prevents a sore throat. To sweep under a bed in which there is a sick person is bad luck. To talk while asleep is a sign you have done something wrong. Two pieces of silver may be kept under your pillow for luck. Unlucky will be the bride who sleeps in her husband's arms the first night she is married Wake a person gently so that the soul will have time to come back from the dream-world. Waking up before time to get up is bad luck. Water in a bucket or pan beneath the bed cures insomnia. When three people make up a bed together, the oldest will die first. Whistle at the sleeper and he will stop snoring. Whistling in bed brings bad luck. Whoever gets out of bed on the left foot will be cross all day. You can ask a sleeptalker questions and he will answer correctly, provided you do not mention his name. You can rid yourself of nightmare by sleeping with a rusty file beneath the mattress. You can sleep well at night by having a knife and fork crossed beneath your pillow. You prolong your life by sleeping on your right side, because sleeping on your left side weakens the heart You should keep your bed pushed flush against the wall for luck. You will not sleep well, unless your bed rests east and west --- the direction in which the earth revolves. You will sleep soundly, if you always carry seven grains of red popcorn in your hip pocket. Your bedroom should never have a clock; to hear one ticking while you are in bed is a bad omen.