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Some daft sleep tips from the web 1. A bed should always have a solid and high headboard. 2. A piece of glass on you bedside table means not worrying about dealing with water rings in the morning 3. Allow your bedroom to be a ‘non-conceptual place’. 4. Always combine a protein food with a low to medium GI carbohydrate food to optimise tryptophan levels 5. Any books on display in your bedroom should be about loving relationships. 6. Artworks in your bedroom be simple and not too heavy on the eyes 7. At bedtime drink some bone broth. 8. At bedtime read some dense fiction in bed, in actual physical book form. 9. At bedtime rub your body down with magnesium oil or lotion. 10. Avoid bookshelves opposite your bed 11. Avoid positioning your bed directly under a window. 12. Avoid sharp metal within the bedroom (knives, axes, swords, guns, scissors, etc.) 13. Avoid sleeping with your head next to a steel radiator. 14. Avoid spices and herbs in large quantities after midday, and especially at dinner 15. Because the mind is slow, stable, and dull between 6-10pm, it is the ideal time for falling asleep. 16. Bed must not be in a position that facing open shelving. 17. Bed positioned below a staircase will cause nightmares and bad luck. 18. Bedroom door facing the toilet door will cause illness and loss of wealth 19. Bedroom walls that are brown, purple, grey, gold, or red, may be negatively affecting your sleep 20. Beds that have built-in storage drawers underneath are considered bad. 21. Before it’s bedtime, be mindful of who you interact with… both online and offline. 22. Black and white TV gives you black and white dreams 23. Blankets should be light not heavy 24. Blink fast for a minute. 25. Brain dump…with your phone; send yourself an e-mail every night via your smart phone. 26. Bring the elements of nature indoors with a collection of sea shells from your last vacation. 27. Brush your teeth, floss, immediately after your last meal. 28. Charging devices in your bedroom can affect your sleep 29. Close your eyes and roll the balls upwards 3 times 30. Let your ambition be your alarm clock. 31. Paint your bedroom blue. 32. Poor breathing during the day affects sleep at night. 33. Put the Spouse on the Couch 34. When buying a sleep sofa, be sure to sit on it while it's folded to see how comfortable it is 35. Do ‘four-seven-eight’ breathing. 36. Do NOT drink very cold water. 37. Do not hang pictures of naked people in the bedroom. 38. Do not have fancy archways in your bedroom. 39. Do not have see-through open glass walled shower room in your bedroom 40. Do not have the bedroom door face the top of the stairs. 41. Do not have your bed place inside the kitchen. 42. Do not leave a gap of space between the wall and your headboard. 43. Do the dishes in the last hour of the evening. 44. Don’t place the bed head against a wall shared with a bathroom 45. Drink plenty of water throughout the day will help you sleep better 46. Eat animal fat and/or olive oil at dinner. 47. Eat easily digestible foods for dinner 48. Eat low-mercury fish and seafood at dinner. 49. Eat most of your carbohydrates at dinner. 50. Eat two cups plain popcorn with a drizzle of olive oil. 51. Eat two tablespoons of organic almond butter on celery sticks before bed. 52. Eating breakfast within 30 minutes of waking creates the ideal internal chemistry for optimal sleep 53. Eating too late can cause some weird dreams. 54. Ensure that there are no sharp corners of walls or furniture pointing towards your bed. 55. Fantasize about gaining a super power while in your normal sleep position. 56. Force yourself to yawn two or three times. 57. Get a cat. 58. Get rid of photos and memorabilia of old flames in the bedroom. 59. Get to sleep between 8 pm and 12 am 60. Getting up an hour or so earlier allows you to be ready to go to sleep earlier. 61. Go to bed by 9.30PM so you are asleep by 10pm 62. Go to sleep every night at 10:30 pm 63. Have a banana an hour and a half before bed. 64. Have a solid bedroom wall behind you when you sleep. 65. Hum to yourself 66. If you go to the bathroom after bedtime, don't turn the lights on. 67. If your bed is above or below the stove, it can affect your liver function. 68. Imagine it's time to get up 69. Inhale through your left nostril 70. Keep all bedroom doors closed at night 71. Keep your bedroom closet clean and organized. 72. Keep your eyes open and repeat to yourself “I will not sleep” 73. Keep your feet outside of the covers. 74. Keep your night table simple and minimalistic 75. Keep your slippers next to your bed to make getting up that little bit easier. 76. Lay perfectly still with your eyes closed and breathe deeply for 10 minutes 77. Lights out for a full night of sleep is precisely at 10:37 pm 78. Listen to music that has instruments where the musician has to pause to take natural breaths. 79. Losing weight will markedly help anyone sleep. 80. Make breakfast your heaviest meal. 81. Make dinner the smallest meal of the day 82. Make sure no beds back up to the same wall as your refrigerator. 83. Make sure not to hang a mirror next to or opposite the bed 84. Make sure there are no heavy or sharp items hanging over your bed. 85. Make sure to eat enough salt throughout the day. 86. Make sure you go to bed before 11 pm. 87. Make sure you include Vitamin C and simple carbohydrates in your daily diet. 88. Making your bed is the one simple task you can do every morning if you want to be a success in life. 89. Meditation can replace sleep 90. Mirrored closet doors next to your bed should be removed or covered at night 91. Move your electric clock or clock radio at least six feet from your head. 92. Move your favourite night activities to the morning. 93. Nap every single day 94. Never move the bed when the wife is pregnant 95. Never use sad or lonely images to decorate your sleeping space. 96. Note down all that you feel grateful for from the day’s events. 97. Paint your bedroom a tranquil colour. 98. Pictures of water in the bedroom cause insomnia 99. Plan a non-negotiable agenda for the next day 100. Plants, whether they are living, dried, or artificial should be avoided in the bedroom 101. Position your bed so that your head isn’t near a power outlet. 102. Pretend you’re really, really tired. 103. Put you bedside clock outside the room to reduce anxiety 104. Put your iPhone in a glass at night, and never sleep through your alarm again. 105. Put your phone on airplane mode to avoid EMFs which can disturb sleep. 106. Read something spiritual or uplifting. 107. Record the sound at night using your mobile phone and listen to the noise during the day 108. Remember the mundane details of the day in reverse order 109. Remove clutter from your bedroom. 110. Remove photos of family and friends from your bedroom 111. Set up extremely important and urgent tasks as the first items of the day 112. Set your alarm clock (with the correct time). 113. Set your alarm clock 5 minutes earlier than your designated time. 114. Sleep on your back if you’re 100 percent healthy. 115. Sleeping naked will help you sleep better 116. Sleeping on your stomach gives you erotic dreams 117. Smoothing out your rumpled covers can arrest anxiety and help you fall back to sleep 118. So you don’t worry about oversleeping invest in an alarm that you trust to do the job properly. 119. Sometime after lunch, meditate for twenty minutes. 120. Sometimes people need that little sleep in the day, it can help you get to sleep at night. 121. Take a shower ending in a cool rinse before bed to lower core body temperature. 122. Take a tablespoon of honey, preferably raw, before bed on an empty stomach. 123. Take out the trash in the last hour of the evening. 124. The bed must have two identical bedside tables (one on each side) 125. The bed should be the biggest piece of furniture in the bedroom. 126. The bedroom should not be located above a garage, storeroom or kitchen 127. The Earth’s magnetic fields trigger weird dreams 128. The south-west area of a home is a great place for bedrooms. 129. To help you fall back to sleep apply moisturiser to hands, feet and lower legs. 130. To help you fall back to sleep change into a fresh pair of pyjamas. 131. To help you fall back to sleep eat a yoghurt 132. To prevent wrinkles, sleep on your back or use silk or satin pillowcases 133. Toilet door facing your bed, if this problem is not resolved, it might cause cancer. 134. Toilet door facing your bed will cause serious headache. 135. Toxins in your dinner can seriously disrupt your sleep. 136. Try chowing on magnesium-rich foods such as pumpkin seeds, spinach, and Swiss chard 137. Try nice warm cup of herbal tea before bed and add a tablespoon of butter. 138. Try not to put your bed under a slanted ceiling, heavy beam or ceiling fan. 139. Try to rewind through the events of your day, focusing on conversations, sights and sounds. 140. Try yawning 10-12 times just before going to bed 141. Upholster an entire wall behind the bed 142. Use a battery-powered or wind-up alarm clock. 143. Use ice baths to provoke sleep. 144. Use or install dimmers to support healthy melatonin levels as the evening progresses. 145. Wake up early and go do something great 146. Wake up to euphoric music. 147. Watch a comedy is great as it relaxes & produces endorphins which help the production of melatonin 148. Watch something that you know makes you sleepy. 149. When you are in bed think of where you could be in life, had you made better choices. 150. Wiggle your toes up and down 12 times, wiggling the toes of both feet at the same time. 151. With a great night's sleep, your day is limitless. 152. You should only have one entrance/exit to your bedroom 153. Your main bedroom should be situated as far away from the front door as possible.