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The Toronto Star (Canada) Could sleep divorce be the answer? ABC (AUS) Bed-sharing can ruin your health and your marriage The New York Times (US) Do You Sleep With Your Spouse? The Times of India Sleeping with partner may harm your health, love life The Wall Street Journal (US) ‘Til Sleep Do Us Part? The Irish Independent 10 steps to a better night's sleep The Age (AUS) A real eye opener CNN Rise and shine: Wake up to an enhanced life The cost of sleeping on the job Furniture Today (US) British sleep expert mixes health insights with humor Krakow Post (Poland) How to sleep Japan Times UK warms to the idea Japanese style office naps The Irish News 10 steps to getting to sleep when you have a cold Fast Company (US) This is how napping made me more productive Martha Stewart Weddings (US) pre-wedding-sleep-tips Vogue (Australia) Are you getting too much sleep National Geographic (US/UK) Caffeine-What's the Buzz? The Independent Sleep and success are likely bedfellows Men’s Health 5 steps to better sleep, The pill that will change your life 3 ways to put nascent fertility worries to bed Zest Expert sleep issues clinic, How to work power napping Woman’s Health 12 Easy Ways To Get Your Beauty Sleep The Daily Express 10 steps to sweet dreams Marie Claire Tiredness 'increases sleepwalking risk' Sleeping could help you lose weight The Sun How to beat 24/7 exhaustion, Sleep is keeping your baby slim Glamour More Couples Are Sleeping in Separate Beds The Economist From A to Zzzzz What Car Government tackles sleepy drivers Metro Can you beat sleep? The Observer Bed sharing bad for your health Stylist You look tired, Not looking exhausted Mr. Porter How to get a good nights kip The Evening Standard Early risers Netdoctor Crazy sleep tips analysed iNews Not sleeping Metro How to ease yourself back into a proper sleep pattern HRD Connect ‘Overlooking sleep can cost our career’ Regus Magazine “How well did your employees sleep last night?”, The role of sleep in our working lives The Resident ‘Does tech help or hinder a good night’s sleep?’ The Daily Mirror The couple who sleep apart, Waking up a lot, Break your holiday sleep cycle, Could insomnia destroy your life?, Gadget to see off insomnia The Guardian Tips for beating 'semisomnia', Are separate beds the key to a good night's sleep?, I’m so tired I'm falling asleep at work, How to sleep well – and not be lonesome, Can too much sleep kill you?, Golden slumbers, Sleeping on the job, Sleep tight, Night fever The Daily Telegraph Britons spend 37 minutes 'listening to wave sounds' to get to sleep, One in ten Britons 'taking pills to get to sleep', Device to help people beat insomnia, Sleep disorder 'could be accurately diagnosed from sound of sufferers’ snoring', Saved from the midnight Madonna, NHS spend on sleeping pills 'has risen by a fifth', The City that never sleeps, Dawn start and a late night curry for 'warriors of the road', Feeling sleepy today, What kind of sleeper are you The Daily Mail ‘Doctors insist slumber is the best anti-aging weapon’ , A night in a sleep lab, Are you a lark or a night owl?, So THAT'S why you keep waking up!, Could children diagnosed with ADHD just need better sleep?, Jet lag, Can't stop cat napping?, 50 ways to live to 100, Why sleep is so vital, Waking nightmares, Too tired for pillow talk, I've got a problem in the bedroom, Lack of sleep could be fatal, The bright side of darkness, Hands off the snooze button!, Trying to get to sleep? A chat with your partner might do it, Cap that could beat insomnia by cooling your brain, Health news, One in ten Brits rely on pills to doze off at night, Good night, sleep right, Yes, you CAN sleep like a baby, Three hours of sleep can be enough, Wake up...to insomnia, Doctor, you can't be serious!, Could sleeping apart perk up your love life?, Pupils given sleep lessons, Britons getting just 6 hours of sleep a night, Sweet dreams: How to get a good night's sleep, Want the dream marriage? Then sleep in separate beds, After ten years of snore wars and duvet snaffling, separate beds saved our marriage, Want to lose weight? Go to bed and get some sleep, Separate beds at 28: Why would a loving couple want to sleep apart?, The world's first jet lag pill to beat long-haul blues, Doctors' DIY secrets, How much sleep do you really need?, The unlikely rules experts follow to stay healthy, Could your pillow be making you tired?, Are you one of the millions of Britons suffering from 'semi-somnia'?, New 'sleep machine' could signal the end of insomnia, The top tips for happy snoozing, Your bedside clock could be bad for your health, Sweet dreams are made of cheese, Sleepwalker, age 15, found curled up on crane, Why men fall asleep after sex, Danger TV or a big yawn?, Bedtime texts affect memory, A good night's sleep in a bottle of milk, farmers claim, A splint that could end snoring, The watch that can diagnose depression, Why women really are the stronger sex, 25 health resolutions, 6-common sleep myths busted, Snoring rooms, Weekend lie in danger, Insomnia app, BBC online Liking a lie-in in people's genes, Full Moon 'disturbs a good night's sleep', NZ woman 'drove and texted while asleep', Fragmented sleep 'harms memory', Beds. Too good to share!, Sleep advice, Full Moon 'disturbs a good night's sleep', Sloth's lazy image 'a myth', Insomnia effects countered in lab, Women 'underestimate their sleep', Time to 'reclaim the night' for sleep, Scrubbing up: Your comments, Bed sharing 'bad for your health', Clock change may cause tiredness, Sleeping soundly 'boosts memory', Sunday 'worst sleep' of the week, Energy drinks 'make you sleepy', Bed sharing 'drains men's brains', A lie-in may help you lose weight, Personalised 'brain music' helps sleep, Drug cuts need for sleep, Sleep 'key to longer life', Child behaviour 'linked to sleep', Sleep problems linked to suicide, Sleep 'influences diabetes risk', Avoiding food 'may beat jet lag', Tiredness 'raises sleepwalk risk', Body clock 'control switch' found, No sleep means no new brain cells, Why we snooze after Sunday lunch, Drug 'reverses sleep lack effect', Doctors taught to sleep soundly, Sleepwalkers who have 'sex sleep', Simple formula for staying awake, Morning coffee 'not best boost', Sleep drug boost for shift workers, Sleep - plus practice - makes perfect, New vaccine 'could cure snoring', No sleep 'renders brain erratic', Medical plea key to Buck's defence, Lack of sleep 'raises cold risk', Body clock reset clue discovered, Bad sleeping 'doubles heart risk', Poor sleep clouds moral judgement, Doubt cast on body clock theory, 'Near death' has biological basis, Sleep loss 'harms route memory', Lack of sleep 'worrying Britons', Mental skills 'worse after sleep', 'My wheezing kept me awake', Most 'get as much sleep as ever', Obesity linked to lack of sleep, Daylight 'aids baby night sleep', Baby sleep problems lead to drugs, Battle fatigue 'like being drunk', Woman's Hour -Shift work, Woman's Hour -Why are sleep disorders on the increase?, Are you getting enough?, Why do Buddhist monks sleep upright?, Why do teenagers sleep late?, Long-haul MPs face nightmare commute, Didgeridoo 'helps sleep problems', The yawning gap, Are you wasting your life?, Chronic insomnia: Why we lose sleep over it, Can a full Moon really affect your sleep? 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