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Sleep Tips from around the world Ayurvedic Massage warm clarified butter onto your head and the bottoms of your feet. Trouble waking give yourself a head and foot massage with olive oil. Waking up in the middle of the night rub your head and feet with sesame oil before bed Buddhist Being immoral or cruel can cause insomnia or restless sleep’. Sleeping after daybreak and being up all night have a negative impact on life Chinese Curse your wife at evening, sleep alone at night. Graves are aligned north and south, so you should not sleep in that direction because it is bad luck. There is no economy in going to bed early to save candles if the result is twins. Dutch Who goes fasting to bed will sleep but lightly. English A bath containing Valerian to be taken before bed time. A hot bath with lime-flowers in it. A potato in the bed helps do away with cramp. A stone with a hole right through it that was created by running water will stop evil taking you during the night. Belladonna hung over beds and cradles will protect adults and children from the evils that lurk in the night. Don’t pack your hop pillow too tightly and change the dried hops every four to six weeks. If you leave dirty dishes in the sink, don't be surprised if you have trouble falling asleep. Never let a cat get by a sleeping baby. The cat will suck the air out of the baby's lungs. Peering into the black centre of a red poppy is a folk remedy for insomnia. Placing your bed across floorboards or ceiling beams will prevent sleep. Rub a little castor oil over your eyelids before going to bed. Sleeping in the shadow of a Yew tree causes sickness or death. To hear the first cuckoo in bed portends illness or even death. To prevent foot cramps at night, turn your shoes upside down before going to sleep. French Eat fried lettuce before bed Get rid of a fever by sleeping with the back against a peach tree for two or three hours. He who torments others does not sleep well. To rise at five, dine at nine, sup at five, go to bed at nine, makes a man live to ninety-nine. German Briefly run cold water over the ankles before going to bed. Go to bed with the hen, get up with the rooster. Keep an important and faithful domestic animal close to you when you sleep to protect you from night terrors. Nothing should be left on the table before going to bed or the eldest or the last born will be unable to sleep. Nothing should be left on the table overnight; otherwise the angels will not protect us. Guernsey If you fall asleep under a pine tree you will never wake up. Hampshire If you change your sheets on a Friday the devil has control of your dreams for a week Indian If a baby is born prematurely, the new-born child is made to sleep each day on a fresh banana leaf. Irish Whichever one of the newly married pair goes to sleep on the wedding night first will be the first to die. Italian Bind oak twigs into the form of a cross Japanese Eat sea slug entrails before bed Leicestershire Sleeping in a Bean-field all night will give you awful dreams or make you go crazy. Mexican Sleeping beneath the branches of the Tetlatia, or Gao, tree causes both men and animals to lose their hair. Scottish Nettle leaves finely chopped mixed with whisked egg white applied to the temples and forehead Somerset If you are lost in a wood at night nothing can harm you if you sleep under a beech tree. Spanish If you want to be dead, wash your head and go to bed. Suffolk Beds must never be stuffed with wild birds' feathers, or sleep will be uncomfortable on them. It is not good for children to sleep upon bones—that is, upon the lap. To hang a flint with a hole in it over the head of your bed is a preservative against the nightmare. Thai Always wash oneself after sleeping. Do not sleep with one’s charms and amulets. They will be impaired of their magical properties. One must not allow one’s wife to sleep upon one’s arm (as a pillow for her head). To sleep on the left hand side of a woman is unlucky Traditional remedy for snoring - Chew on raw garlic, preferably before bedtime. Traditional remedy for snoring - Sip a little olive oil. Traditionally children’s cradles were made of birch as it was thought to ward off evil spirits. Trinidad To avoid strokes or facial palsy, both of which twist the face - don't sleep in the moonlight Welsh If someone falls asleep in a room where many meadowsweet flowers are put, death is inevitable. A bee buzzing around a sleeping child means the child will have a happy life. Yiddish If you go to bed without supper, you will rise without having slept. Yoruban The child who will not let his mother sleep will not himself sleep.